Kit Martin

Fife-based photographer, Kit Martin has experimented with varied photographic styles and subjects throughout her career. While originally starting out in medical and police photography, Martin has always been drawn to the natural world and feels at home photographing at the Bell Pettigrew Museum. She works with digital photography and the cyanotype process, and has recently been experimenting with printing on alternative materials. 

Cyanotype, also known as sun-printing, is an early form of photography that produces a print in Prussian blue. First developed by English scientist Sir John Herschel, it was Anna Atkins, an English botanist, who used the process as away of illustrating a book of British Algae with photographs. Kit Martin uses the same procedure as Anna Atkins did with her botany collection over a hundred years ago. Martin appreciates the hands on approach to this older printing technique as well as the stark contrasts of the subjects to the Prussian blue from the chemicals.

Visit her webpage at http://www.kitmartinp


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