The Team



Peiqi “Lily” Yan is originally from China and has worked in the fields of classical music, art and digital media. After working for the  Shanghai Tianyi Culture and Arts Development Company for 3 years, her passion for arts has led her to explore the field of museum curating.

Fleur Kronenberg hails from the Netherlands and brings her unique experience working at the Museum Speelklok to the Display team. She has directed and produced multiple stage plays, and has had her original comedy Lady Gwen and the Green Man performed at the University of St Andrews.


Alice Sartori’s passion in education has been growing since working at the Peggy Guggenheim Collection and the Galleria Michela Rizzo in Venice, Italy. Her background combined with her love for contemporary art has helped shaped the education programme for Skyward.

Elizabeth Booth used her background as a teacher and private tutor in the United States to develop the educational curriculum for the Events team. She was also part of the Educational Development team at the Museum of Tolerance in Los Angeles.


Catherine Anne Cassidy brings her science background along with her digital media abilities to market and develop fresh content for Skyward. She also has been a consultant for international entertainment company ShowSys, providing an insight into new technology sought after by museums.

Elodie Ferreira previously worked in sales while completing her Bachelor’s degree in English and her Research Master’s degree in France. She currently works in the University of St Andrews Development Office and has brought her fundraising skills to the Marketing team.


Bianca Packham was formally trained as a writer and graphic designer in South Africa before moving to Scotland. She worked in publishing and as a print design lecturer at the University of Cape Town prior to coming to St Andrews to pursue museum studies.

Brittany Hild’s primary focus is within Documentation and Collection Management, however she brings her previous experience as a Membership Coordinator and Museum Store Manager to the Publications team. She is interested in broadening her knowledge in print design to apply to her future career in museums.